Project Description

B2C Email Campaign


Years ago when I first started with the company, I created email templates that were hand coded to be mobile responsive before it became standard. Our members received several emails every week to renew their membership, as well as through landing pages, popups and promo bars. Every campaign was branded to be the same throughout the purchase experience.


Every Campaign had a theme based on a price or limited time factor. This particular flash sale occurred every year and brought a sharp increase in sales. Making sure it had flair and something to remember about the campaign was key to get customers to open the email or reengage.  That is why it has the bright pink color, the animation and the urgency in the copy Other enhancements included webfonts to keep the branding true to the company fonts. Landing pages and pop-ups are built based on the email creative in Shopify using Bootstrap.

This project was created under my employment with Entertainment.

Additional Screens